Sundial Farm Produce Varieties

Living Italian Genovese Basil

Living Italian Genovese Basil is strong in stature and rich in color.  This basil has long, lush leaves and a wonderful fragrance. Its authentic Italian flavor warms your taste buds and is ideal for creating traditional Basil Pesto.  It is also delicious in a salad, sauces or as a seasoning. 

living Butter Lettuce

Our living Butter Lettuce is everyone’s favorite.  The bouquet of curly loose leaves allow for maximum exposure to the sun that makes for maximum nutrition.  Its crisp leaves are perfect for lettuce wraps or as a main ingredient in a salad.   

Dino Kale

Our Dino Kale, also known as Black Kale, is selected for its extra-dark green leaves, which yield the highest nutritional value.  The techniques we use make this variety extra soft and tender, which can be enjoyed as the perfect kale for a raw salad. No kneading necessary.  When juiced or in a smoothie, our kale adds fantastic health benefits.  It is also versatile. Great cooked, baked, sautéed, or stir-fried. 

French Sorrel

Our French Sorrel is a popular flavoring in salads, soups, sauces, and especially with fish.  With its refreshing lemony taste, sorrel often substitutes for fresh lemon or arugula. 

Tatsoi (Japanese Spinach)

Tatsoi has its roots in Japan and here is known as “Japanese Spinach” because of its similarity to familiar green.  Its teacup shaped, dark green leaves are tender, buttery and high in nutritional value.  Tatsoi is versatile and can be used in soups, salads and smoothies. 

Asian Varieties

The  texture and tenderness of our Asian Varieties is second to none. With "Easy Wash" is everything is above the ground growing. rest assure a quick preparation time. Crown Jewel, Emerald Green Gailon, Extra Early Yu-Choi Sum,  Led Mustard, Taiwan Pak-Choi,  Tian Bok Choy, Tong Ho, Bok Choy, Mizuna