Egg (1 Dz) Local Ramona Free Range – Brown or White

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Free Range Chicken, in stores is actually more expensive than organic or cage free chicken. See and taste the difference. Local Ramona, CA  from Eben-Haezer Poultry Ranch since 1957. Taste is out of this world, This is egg should taste like! sometime you will received white eggs but this is all certified free range. The color of the chicken egg would not the deter from quality and taste. According to our Rancher the white actually easier to cook and has more texture.

Is there a difference between Cage Free and Free Range?

The answer is YES!  Cage free means that the birds are not kept in cages but they either have no access to the outdoors. They are kept inside a large building .

Free Range means the chickens are allowed indoors and outdoors.  Our chickens are free range and as you can see in the pictures they are allowed to roam around and enjoy the sunlight and fresh air whenever they want to.

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